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For businesses in the technology industry, finding the right PR agency to help promote your brand can be a challenging task. With numerous agencies offering a wide range of services, it can be difficult to know where to begin. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about B2B tech PR agency services.

There are two main types of B2B tech PR agencies: those that focus on the UK market and those that have a global reach. UK-focused agencies will have an excellent understanding of the local media landscape and the key influencers in your industry. They will also be able to provide targeted coverage in the UK press. Global agencies, on the other hand, will have a network of contacts around the world and can help you get coverage in multiple international markets.

When selecting a B2B PR agency, it is important to consider your budget and what type of services you require. Some agencies offer a full suite of services including media relations, content marketing, and social media. Others may only offer media relations or content marketing. Determine what is most important to your business and select an agency that can provide the services you need.

If you are seeking B2B tech PR agency services, we can assist you. Our team of experienced professionals can help promote your brand in both UK and international markets. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you get started.

Our technology PR work

Raising awareness of an industry leader

100% Group is an award-winning international retail display and graphics installation specialist working for leading global brands in more than 60 countries across the world. 

Global e-commerce thought leadership

E-commerce software provider Sana Commerce briefed Skout to devise and deliver content marketing campaigns to position it as market and thought leader on B2B e-commerce, and drive demand for its solutions.

Helping a legal ‘accident helpline’ provider achieve growth

Customer acquisition specialist mmadigital was looking to position itself as a disruptive technology business in the legal sector, and approached Skout to help build B2B brand awareness, educate law firms around the benefits of its innovative services, and boost its employer brand to support future recruitment.

'Immer besser’ B2B marketing

The commercial division of renowned German white goods manufacturer, Miele, was keen to boost awareness and sales of its products within the key commercial sectors of care, hotels, and veterinary practices.

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In today’s fast-paced and consistently evolving world of technology, innovation is key to stay ahead of the competition. While breakthrough products and next-generation solutions are fundamentally crucial, the importance of public relations (PR) for the tech industry should not be underestimated. Here, we explore the reasons why tech companies, both innovative start-ups or big tech, need PR and how it...

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