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At Skout, we are on a mission to make your B2B communications more brilliant so you can enjoy a brighter business future.

As our client, you’re at the heart of everything we do, and we will help you to create the strong business relationships you need to ensure success, bringing your authentic stories into focus. We combine close-up examination of your business with a panoramic view of the world around you, helping it get closer and engage with the people it needs to influence.

We’ll forge vibrant working partnerships with you and become an integral part of your team. We are here to support your entire journey with key audiences and decision makers, from building brand awareness or generating demand to winning sales or communicating brand messages and retaining client loyalty.

Did you know Skout is employee owned?

At Skout, our independence, and living and breathing our values from the inside out, are at the core of our business philosophy. That’s why in 2023 we took the decision to become 100% employee owned.

Employee ownership means that our team has a meaningful and significant stake in the company.

Through our Employee Ownership Trust, every member of Skout has some true ‘ownership’ in the business and a say in how we operate as an agency. 

This allows our team to be part of Skout’s destiny, whilst benefiting from stability and greater career progression opportunities amongst many other benefits.

It’s good to meet you!

Rob Skinner

Founder and Managing Director

I’m proud to have worked in the B2B PR agency world for more than 25 years now. I was one of the first people in the UK to study PR at degree level, then my first job was a PR work placement at an electricity company. I was in the press office on my own one day and the local radio station rang to say, “there’s been a power cut – we need to interview you right now.” It was a real baptism of fire!

From those heady beginnings, and a long career in B2B agencies, forming Skout was a natural evolution. I’m passionate about delivering excellent work that addresses and exceeds clients’ objectives, and I remain hands-on in every aspect of the business.

The name Skout represents our ability to work as a close team and forage for brilliant stories, but I admit its true origin was me trying to find a word that began with ‘Sk’ like Skinner – there aren’t many!

Claire Lamb


Since I started my career in PR in the mid-90s, I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Intel, BT and Orange (now EE). I headed up Apple’s PR when they’d just launched coloured iMacs – remember those? – and I was a key part of the team that launched the iPod in the UK.

After several tech PR agency stints I spent several years living in Hong Kong, working as deputy editor for a bi-lingual homes and interiors magazine, as well as establishing Hong Kong’s first green PR agency. I delight in building strong client relationships: largely because I like talking to interesting people. Making the leap from the press angle seen on the page to applying this directly to a client’s product or service is always an exciting challenge.  

Claire James

Client Services Director

I’ve worked in PR agencies for over 25 years, with a wealth of experience that spans a variety of markets including healthcare, life sciences, leisure, construction, energy and food.
I’m passionate about people. I love working with clients to develop programmes that help them to achieve their objectives and enable them to shine within their own organisations. It’s the challenge of seeing a plan as a moving feast rather than a static tick box exercise and then spotting the opportunity to go above and beyond to deliver fantastic results.

Possibly even more importantly, I’m also a fully qualified cheerleading coach, and surely every organisation needs one of those on board!

Lee Simpson

Head of Tech

I’ve worked in the media, in one form or another, since 2008. Following several years in London, I moved to Beijing where I worked as a features writer for a magazine, a script writer and as a presenter for my own ‘edutainment’ TV show. But it was working in the newsroom for China’s English language international news channel, CGTN, that was probably the most memorable – it was watched by over a billion people!

Since returning to the UK in 2014, I have specialised in working with scaleup tech companies both in developing their content marketing strategies and through PR. I love coming up with creative angles to tell clients’ stories and as the tech landscape grows and changes, this becomes increasingly important.

When not PR-ing I can usually be found chasing my young children around, or behind a microphone.

Rebecca Brown

Account Manager

Before joining Skout, I gained a degree in Public Relations and Media, plus a master’s degree in International Relations. I’m always invested in my learning journey and it’s fantastic that there are so many different ‘brains’ at Skout HQ to bounce ideas off and bolster my knowledge. It’s true what they say, no two days are ever the same working in a B2B agency and that’s what I love about it. One day I may find myself writing a thought leadership article about the global issues impacting the world today and the next, I can be in a creative brainstorm session thinking about the next big ideas for our clients.  This suits me perfectly as it’s great to have a lot of variation in a job – you never get bored!

Alex Gladwin

Operations Manager

I’ve had a lifelong ambition to work in an office environment, with a stationery cupboard (this began with a serious and slightly alarming love of WHSmith as a child), so I studied business at University. It was there that I discovered that my strengths were in HR; I ultimately qualified with a Postgraduate Diploma in HR Management. 

A long career in this field has ultimately led me to my current role in B2B communications at Skout. I’ve always been a highly organised control freak, with most of my life set out on a spreadsheet. As an operations manager, this personal trait comes in remarkably handy as I keep everything running smoothly.

James Weaver

Account Executive

Prior to joining Skout, I worked in legal/financial services for several years in a customer service facing role alongside a decade’s worth of experience working with rock bands through operating my own digital magazine and gaining a degree in journalism in the process. You know what they say, don’t put your eggs in one basket! Jumping to the other side of the fence, working in a B2B marketing agency feels like a natural fit for me. Surrounded by fantastic fellow comms professionals at Skout HQ and working with clients across numerous sectors, no day is the same working at Skout and that’s what keeps this job so enjoyable. One minute I could be pitching a topical news story, the next I could be securing a profile feature in a print publication. They say variety is the spice of life and that is Skout in a nutshell!

Izzy Yoxall

Account Executive

Prior to joining Skout, I studied Multimedia Journalism at Manchester Metropolitan University. During my time at university, I acquired an eclectic set of skills that I found were extremely transferable to the broad world of marketing and PR. The wide range of industries we cover here at Skout including retail, manufacturing, construction, and D&I (to name just a few) means each day brings exciting new challenges and opportunities, so no two days are ever the same! I’m excited to be able to grow and develop my skills with the help of the award-winning Skout team.

Our proudest moments

(shared by the team)

What we stand for

Openness creates opportunities

As a team we have the integrity to deliver on our promises, fostering trust in everything we say and do. As an employer we create an environment to nurture honest and open conversations and actions. For our clients we are not afraid to speak out to help them achieve their goal.

Fun breeds brilliance

As a team we like to laugh and believe there should be brightness in every day, helping to build resilience during challenging times. As an employer we create a lively culture where laughter is encouraged and embraced. For our clients we bring colour and excitement into business relationships.

We’ve got your back

As a team we have each other’s backs, being understanding and empathetic to all individuals. As an employer we encourage your development and aspirations to become brilliant. For our clients we make ourselves an integral part of their team.

One team, brilliant individuals

As a team we work together, utilising everyone’s strengths, to deliver brilliant results. As an employer we create an environment to support team success. For our clients we bring the best skills and teams together to deliver brilliant outcomes.

Always seeking solutions

As a team we dig deep to overcome challenges. As an employer we challenge our team to find the answers. For our clients we push harder for great outcomes.

Openness creates opportunities

As a team we have the integrity to deliver on our promises, fostering trust in everything we say and do. As an employer we create an environment to nurture honest and open conversations and actions. For our clients we are not afraid to speak out to help them achieve their goal.

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