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Articles and blogs are a core element of any B2B content marketing strategy, or effective B2B PR programme.


At Skout, our experienced team of specialist B2B writers can turn their hand to pretty much any business, sector or technical topic. As PR experts, we are extremely conscious of what makes a compelling article or blog post, and just as importantly, what doesn’t and is to be avoided.


To create the most brilliant articles and blogs possible for your business, we will:
Work closely with your spokespeople, uncovering relevant industry opinions and knowledge as well as current news.
Help you keep website consistently fresh and up to date, ensuring that there’s a continual stream of new material to also promote on social media.
Create posts and articles as a crucial element to inbound marketing campaigns and nurture programmes: for these you will need many different pieces of content to support a wide range of buyer journeys.
Utilise blogs and articles for purposes such as building personal profiles of experts and C-level executives. This can be especially useful on targeted social media such as LinkedIn.
Create deeper long form articles, which are vital for effective PR programmes but will also support other channels across the web and digital media and boost your SEO.


With our help, your blog posts and article creation will illuminate your business and show it off in the best light possible.

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