Audience research and mapping


B2B communications should always start with an in depth understanding of the audiences your business wants to target, so that you can focus your efforts and budget for maximum impact. At Skout we can help you illuminate your audience understanding through careful research and mapping.


Perhaps you have embarked on B2B PR and comms without a clear audience strategy in the past and found in difficult to keep your programmes focused and on target? Or maybe your organisation has diversified and there are new audiences you need to reach out to? Whatever your challenge, we can assist.


Our audience research and mapping approach includes:
Consulting you on your business and marketing goals.
Gaining a deep understanding of the landscape your business is operating in.
Delving into your customer journey so that we know who the decision makers are and how you interact with them.
Desk and primary research to build audience behaviour and attitude insights.
Researching spheres of influence, information sources and priority messages.


Engage Skout for B2B audience research mapping – we’ll help you gain clarity on who to focus on, and all importantly, how.

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