Crisis PR planning and management


Businesses that build trust will see their loyalty rewarded, and history tells us that investing in brand communications can be critical during a crisis: not taking proactive steps at such times can be extremely damaging.

Communications are often deliberately ultra-visible during a crisis, but the role these communications play is ongoing. We have worked with both public and private sector organisations on crisis communications planning and management, and have extensive knowledge of the processes and protocols to follow when things heat up.


When done properly, crisis PR planning and management will help you communicate in the right way with the media to mitigate risk. You’ll be able to deliver clear, concise messages and cover every possible eventuality. What your business communicates publicly during a crisis helps to maintain a focus on long-term goals, moving on swiftly from short-term events.


We will facilitate your B2B crisis PR planning by:
Helping you stay calm in a crisis through pre-planning and preparation.
Exploring all of the possible crisis scenarios and the type of response required in each case.
Ensuring that your entire organisation knows what to do, walking you through the process and preparing a detailed plan/toolkit.
Providing media interview training for these critical times.
Being on hand to act as a crisis PR press office in the eye of the storm.


With our help, your business will ride the storm of any crisis, dealing with the media confidently and effectively in any number of situations.

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