Media relations


Working closely with the media is crucial to generating positive, long-lasting, on message coverage that builds awareness of your business and brand, and help you influence your future customers.


The media landscape is constantly changing and evolving, but working with a specialist B2B PR agency means that you will continually be kept abreast of the best PR opportunities and the right journalists to build relationships with.

We will help you to tell your story through all appropriate channels, in print, digital and broadcast formats, across national, regional, international, business, trade or sector media. We’ll start out by ensuring that we understand your business and marketing objectives thoroughly, and then use this knowledge to tailor a brighter approach to media relations. 


Our approach may involve:
Story development.
Pitching exclusives.
Arranging media briefings.
News programmes.
Handling media events.
Arranging introductions.
Relationship nurturing.
Feature responses.
Topical story pitching.


We will work with you on an individual level to ensure that your B2B media relations needs are fulfilled at all times.

We know that relationships with journalists and media need to be nurtured and attended to, in order to generate positive coverage and help you become known as a trusted source. 

This ongoing relationship can also help with mitigating risk: keeping journalists on board with your brand can also help to reduce the impact of events. 

At Skout we will ensure that you build effective and proactive relationships with the media, enhancing your B2B credibility and increasing your voice in a busy media marketplace.

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