Brand awareness campaigns


B2B brand awareness is not just about helping a potential audience recognise your business, as well as its associated products and services: it’s about helping to build the kind of trust and familiarity between your business and its customers that will differentiate you from competitors and increase your sales performance.


Perhaps you currently feel that your brand awareness is in need of a boost or you need to redress negative brand associations which have arisen after a past event? Alternatively, you may be introducing a new brand or repositioning an existing one. Whatever the reason, we can bring our experience to bear in a brilliantly targeted brand awareness campaign.


Such a campaign might include:
Consulting with you on your business and marketing goals.
Researching your audience persona to understand their interests, challenges and needs.
Identifying spokespeople within your organisation to give your business an authentic voice.
Foraging for, and using, real stories from within your business to create natural narratives that will showcase your brand values and engage media.
Creating a bespoke and creative social media strategy to share content and engage directly with your audience.
Crafting attention-grabbing entries for relevant industry awards that will gain you recognition.
Gaining your business speaking and presentation opportunities at key industry events that will win you attention.


We would love to work with you on a dynamic campaign that will maximise brand exposure and increase brand loyalty, ensuring that your business is reaching its intended audience.

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