Broadcast and national media PR


Are you looking to expand your PR results within broadcast and global media networks and national newspapers? This can be a great way of building brand with senior business audiences or for targeting global customers or investors.


Many B2B PR programmes are rightly entrenched in specialist trade and sector media, but reaching global media networks, gaining broadcast coverage, or being seen on the pages of the nationals add extra weight and credibility. It can also do wonders for your digital marketing and sales enablement, as well as giving your marketing team positive internal visibility with the senior management.

Generating media coverage at this level requires a different approach, often reliant on deep story research and exclusivity. At Skout, we’ve helped many clients successfully reach these new targets in broadcast, national and global media outlets, both nurturing relationships with key journalists and developing the killer storylines required.


Our broadcast and national media PR programme consist of:
Deep media research to understand the opportunities and journalists you should be engaging with.
Story development mapped onto these opportunities and contacts’ needs.
Mapping what you do to the talking points of the day, digging deep for relevant insights, so we can pitch these as ideas.
Keeping an eagle eye on the news agenda to source opportunities for clients to comment on trending topics.
Tier-1 journalist nurture programmes and exclusive pitching.
Effective media training and interview briefings.


The clients we have helped make the transition into broadcast, national and global media have seen outstanding results that have propelled their business beyond its current scale.

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