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Content creation is at the heart of any campaign; in order to feed your B2B marketing and communications programmes most effectively, and to create the strongest, most relevant content, an effective content strategy is needed.


Devising a content strategy that will maximise the benefits to your business will always begin by our gaining an in-depth understanding of your organisation, the entire customer journey, who your customer is, and the immediate and longer-term objectives you aim to achieve with your communications.


Our B2B content strategy is formed by:
Subject matter – what matters to your audience and therefore to your business? Engaging, informative content is a key element of any strategy. Right now there is so much content out there, but so much is produced with the purpose of making a noise and filling a gap. We believe that all B2B content should be relevant and of the highest quality.
Frequency and timing – Clients and potential customers need to know about you, but not to be bombarded with missives from your business. Obtaining the right frequency and timing are a key element of any content strategy.
Format and tone of voice – This can range from social media posts to in-depth whitepapers, with everything in between.
Media and channels – will your content be written, video, audio, visual or interactive, or all of these?
The content’s purpose – is the primary objective brand awareness building? Or are you aiming to generate demand, or enable sales? The ultimate objective of the content created will be a primary driver in initialising it.


With your content strategy in place, all other elements of content creation will be much more straightforward. Talk to us about how we can help.

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