Customer advocacy campaigns


The power of peer recommendation is particularly potent in B2B marketing, and customer advocacy campaigns are amazingly effective in raising brand awareness and driving sales. They’re also a great way of creating genuine connections with your customers and nurturing continued loyalty; this is particularly valuable given that loyal customers can help generate new customers too! What’s more, according to the business research and advisory company Forrester, customers gained through advocacy are likely to be more confident in your products and services and spend 50% more than those who arrive via other means.


If you are experiencing low returns on your leads or are seeing a drop in customer loyalty, then we can help turn things around with an integrated and highly targeted customer advocacy campaign which will boost loyalty and generate sales. 


We can help you with:
Customer-rich content – to help potential new customers see the benefit of your product – including case studies, customer interviews and customer events.
Helpful campaigns that add value to the customer – such as content that provides something extra to the customer like market insights, free workshops, product utilisation guides and more.
Nurture campaigns focused on the key benefits of your product/service, or the position of your business in the market. These could include sector content, case studies and corporate facts and figures backing up your business’ credentials and existing customer loyalty.


Skout will ensure that you formulate the kind of integrated customer advocacy campaign to increase the maximum lifetime value of your loyal clients while attracting more new business.

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