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Customer-centred PR is a vital means of showcasing the real benefits of your B2B service offerings or products. The majority of any buying journey takes place before a customer actually contacts the vendor or supplier, so it’s extremely important to ensure that customer success is an essential part of your PR strategy from the outset.


You may be looking for ways of including your customers, and potential customers in your PR programme effectively. We can help with that. When it comes to customer-centred B2B PR, every situation is different. So we start by talking to you and your customers, to understand what their story is within the framework of your business, and what level they are happy to support your PR campaign at.


We can then use these stories to elevate your brand across a range of communication channels, including:
Case studies: how your customers have worked with you, and to what effect
Win and milestone new stories: the positive benefits of working with you
Customer profile interviews in the media
Video interviews
Guest blogs
Event speaking
Round table debates


Skout has a vast amount of experience in this field, and we are also fully aware that keeping your customers on board with your business is at the heart of everything you do. Our tried and tested approach will ensure that your customers feel comfortable about sharing their business stories with us, to use effectively in PR campaigns.

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