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Email communications are a highly valuable form of B2B marketing, especially when correctly targeted and well executed.

An email campaign and regular e-newsletters can be a productive means of both lead generation and nurturing existing relationships. E-newsletters are highly effective at targeting well-defined audiences with updates to keep your B2B offerings and engaging content front of mind. Email marketing can also be used as part of any integrated wider campaigns. Are you trying to encourage sign-ups to an event, for example, or generate downloads of a new content asset?


Historically, email communications have often been misused and overused. In recent years legislation has helped put a stop to some of this, but it’s still vitally important that your B2B business gets the balance right between creating an effective and well-timed campaign, and not overloading your recipients with ‘spam’. Your email communications must be the best that they can be in order to garner the required response in terms of opens, click throughs and conversions, and to avoid the recipients hitting the dreaded ‘unsubscribe’ button.


We can help with:
All aspects of email campaign creation, from strategy and planning through to actualisation.
Advice and assistance on email marketing platform choices.
Email copywriting and design. We can write and design your entire email output or offer assistance and amendment where necessary.
e-newsletter creation and production, or copywriting
Full service email campaign delivery.


e-newsletters and email communications are a staple of B2B marketing but it’s important you get them right. We’d love to help you to make yours as strong as they can possibly be.

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