Executive profiling and thought leadership


It is a truism in business that ‘people buy from people’. That is to say that personality can be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors. Bringing the human side of your B2B brand to the fore can help customers better relate to your business.

Equally, sharing the knowledge and vision of people within your business through the media is a powerful way of making your brand better known and respected. That’s why so many B2B organisations use thought leadership. But to stand out you’ve often got to say something different.

Through executive profiling and thought leadership PR, we can showcase the brilliant individuals and thought-leading insights that make your brand tick.


Our knowledge and experience of profiling together with our emphasis on natural storytelling can help you build up your brand’s reputation as authentic, relatable and engaging, as well as a respected knowledge-base within your industry.


Our strategy includes:
Gaining an intimate knowledge of your business to identify the opportunities available and how to approach them.
Mapping out your customer and audience personas, to understand their interests and challenges, and what messages you want to convey.
Surveying the industry to ensure that the ‘thinking’ you communicate as an organisation has sufficient weight to score high quality media results.
Working with your executives to find the angles within their background, experiences and ideas and using these as interesting hooks for the media.
Researching, pitching and securing opportunities for your spokespeople across a range of target publications.
Conducting research to boost your credibility through insights.
Providing a thorough media briefing session or training to ensure that your spokespeople are fully prepared to take part in live interviews or direct interactions with journalists.


Engage us to identify the key people, thoughts and ideas within your organisation and build a brilliantly effective marketing and PR campaign around them.

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