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Interactive B2B content can be an extremely effective means of engaging audiences more deeply in your brand communications and inbound marketing campaigns. Your potential clients invest positive time and energy in your content by interacting, and therefore take greater value from it, leading to positive content and increased brand awareness. You are also more likely to be able to capture relevant and engaged leads. This is a different means of compelling the recipient than passive content: interactive content helps to build immersive experiences, taking them through an active process of discovery.


Interactive content aimed at B2B businesses needs to be executed well, with a clear purpose and business message, even if the apparent premise of the content is to have fun (playing a game, or answering a quiz, for example). At Skout, we know that clear strategy and planning are important – interactive content should never be added just to be ‘current’; it must link back to the overall campaign strategy.


Interactive content can include:
Online games, tests and quizzes – these will of course improve engagement as well as making content immediately entertaining.
Interactive whitepapers – Making whitepapers interactive makes the content more accessible and easier to digest.
Infographics, discovery tools and e-learning content.
Results-based content – does the user need to pass a benchmark test to proceed?


Our B2B communications experts work with specialist partners to build award-winning interactive marketing tools. Talk to us about how your business can add this extra dimension to your B2B marketing strategy.

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