Marketing automation


Busy B2B marketing functions often require marketing automation platforms to help them run multiple, effective, high-touch campaigns. These tools can be extremely effective and help greatly with accurate lead targeting, cost per lead reduction and streamlining your marketing output.


However, unless they are carefully planned, investment in marketing automation systems can be fruitless.  Many tools are underutilised because the foundations haven’t been implemented first, or the campaigns being run are not well targeted, or there is insufficient content to ‘feed the funnel’.


At Skout we are fully aware of the potential of marketing automation when delivered correctly and we can help you maximise results by:
Optimising the performance of marketing automation and inbound marketing tech in your B2B marketing.
Helping to build campaigns specifically for use across marketing automation platforms.
Helping you to find and adopt the correct platform for your needs, from marketing leading inbound marketing platforms like HubSpot to CRM systems, email platforms and new innovative lead tracking tools.
Ensuring that there is a regular flow of content to be used across different channels to nurture different decision paths.


B2B marketing automation can create many benefits and improve your marketing performance but it is important to get the right technology in place and ensure campaigns are well-planned and executed. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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