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Interviews with the media are a means of building brilliant relationships with key journalists in your B2B sectors and generating coverage to boost brand awareness and convey target messages to key audiences. However, successful interviews are based on sound preparation and careful thought about the key messages you wish to talk about.

Our comprehensive media training workshops demystify the media and equip your key spokespeople with all the tools and techniques needed to stay on message and make every interview a success.


There are many instances where your key spokespeople may need to talk to the media: they could be launching a new product or service, talking about their future roadmap for the business or commenting on trends or recent industry-related headlines. Our tried and tested approach makes sure that your spokespeople are fully prepared for every situation.


We start by understanding your business, its media landscape and market position, to ensure a bespoke training package is created.
We introduce your spokespeople to the different roles within the media and the types of opportunities available.
We look specifically at the marketing context in which the spokesperson is operating and how their comments need to fit into this bigger picture.
After this we move onto practical training; we create several challenging interview scenarios to replicate a likely situation.
Mock interviews are conducted, reviewed and analysed. We talk through the performance and offer detailed advice on technique.
We can provide video footage of the interview practice so spokespeople can use it as a tool for ongoing improvement.


We know that you’ve spent a huge amount of time and effort perfecting your business’ messaging and enhancing its reputation. We are here to help you ensure that every interaction you have with the media supports this, and reflects your business in the brightest possible way.

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