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In successful B2B PR programmes, one message does not fit all audiences. On the contrary, an essential part of brilliantly effective comms is being able to convey appropriate sentiments to different audiences, whether they are corporate buyers, partners, approvers, influencers, or employees.


If your organisation has diversified and there are new audiences you need to reach out to, or you simply need to improve your impact in existing markets, we can help you work out what you need to be saying to whom, so that your brand will truly resonate with your target demographic and bring measurable results. Or perhaps you’re redefining your B2B PR strategy? If so, you’ll need to ensure you have clear and concise key messages for different media, supported by validated evidence and proof points.


Our message development service includes:
Consulting with you on your business and marketing goals.
Researching the market landscape your business is operating in.
Understanding or developing your audience personas or target media profiles.
Digging into your business to determine its strengths and weaknesses, USPs, history and future plans.
Identifying audience ‘sweet spots’ on which energy and resources should be prioritised.
Producing a messaging document for you to sign-off on, and which will serve as a vital tool in measuring the effectiveness of your marketing and PR campaigns.
Helping you define the strongest proof points to support each of your messages.
Workshopping with your team and spokespeople so they understand the messages and how to articulate them.


Engage Skout to help you build the messaging that presents your business in the best light.

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