Paid social campaigns


When planning a B2B social media campaign, organic (unpaid) social media often takes precedence. However, it is increasingly recognised that paid campaigns can be a highly effective means of targeting your message to key audiences, and if they’re done well, they are a good value means of boosting your marketing performance.

A primary benefit of paid campaigns is that you can target social media posts to more specific audiences, and there is a higher chance of them being seen by the exact B2B contacts you are hoping to reach. 


Paid campaigns can help to boost engagement, as well as to gain followers, who may then translate into becoming customers, and build brand awareness. They can also generate leads, drive content downloads and improve website traffic. 

Achieving success with paid campaigns requires a clear objective – from the outset, campaigns need to be focussed in the right areas.


We can help with:
Devising campaigns or working with you to adapt existing campaigns.
Creating posts and campaign assets, amending and enhancing as an ongoing process.
Audience profiling. Who are your current audience? Who would you like to add to this and how can you go about that?
Project management.
Reporting and measurement. We will analyse and measure how your campaign is performing to ensure consistent value.


In short, we can manage the entire process of your paid social media campaigns. Please contact us to find out more.

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