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Visual imagery has always played a crucial role in B2B marketing and content engagement. This can take various forms, from quality photographs of your employees and spokespeople for use in the media, all the way through to engaging illustrations to help bring your reports and whitepapers to life.

The power of visual content should not be overlooked: all too often professional photography, and other visual elements are considered as an afterthought or secondary to the written communications: they should be part and parcel of the content strategy.


Right now, a lack of photo and image strategy could be letting the side down when it comes to your B2B marketing performance. You might be missing PR opportunities, not reaching social media engagement targets, or concerned about the professionalism of your website or specific content assets: all because the images aren’t compelling enough.


At Skout, we can help with that by providing:
Image strategy – What themes and style do you intend to achieve to remain on brand? How does your visual brand need to be represented through photography?
Photo shoots – We have connections with a wide range of professional photographers and can organise and carry out every element of your photo shoot. This can include sourcing the right people to be both in front of and behind the camera, ensuring that the correct products are in place, providing technical support, securing and preparing the environment and providing different types of session for different occasions, such as products or people.
Illustration – We can help you find the right illustrator to support your brand and bring for content assets to life. These illustrators can help you create your own unique imagery.
Photo Library – We can create and manage this.


Work with us to improve your visual imagery. We’re confident you’ll see improved B2B marketing performance as a result.

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