In recent years, podcasts have grown enormously in popularity – they are no longer just the domain of a certain type of ‘hip’ brand: every B2B business can benefit from them. Developing your own unique podcast with the right content can pay real dividends in increasing marketing value for your business. So can tapping into the many third party podcasts your business may be able to get featured on.

You are likely to have specific audiences you want to influence, and podcasts can be an ideal tool for engaging these, not least because you can even invite audience members to participate where appropriate! However, podcast creation or third party podcast targeting requires careful thinking and strategy – it’s all too easy to jump headfirst without forward planning: certainly if you’re planning to create your own business podcast you need to be in it for the long game.


Whether you’re planning to start creating podcasts for your clients and potential customers, or get your brand profiled on others’ good planning is a must.


At Skout, we can help with all elements of scoping, planning, delivering and targeting podcasts. This may include:
Strategy – why are you creating podcasts? Who are their intended audience, and more?
Branding, style and approach. These must be consistent with those of your B2B business and all forms of communication used.
Planning and research.
Programming – schedules and more.
Guest sourcing and management.
Interview management.
Technical expertise and delivery.
Third party B2B podcast research, angle development and pitching.


We would love to help you with your podcast requirements. Please talk to us about what you’d like to achieve.

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