Research and surveys provide a powerful basis for all forms of B2B PR and content marketing. Showing your prospective clients and current customers that your business is an industry expert, and thorough and serious about keeping on top of industry shifts and events, is an invaluable means of enhancing your reputation. 

When used correctly, both quantitative and qualitative research can deliver a strong return on investment in B2B marketing. It can provide the evidence that may be required to build or corroborate a story or campaign theme: at the end of the day, people are inherently interested in facts and figures.


Making any campaign or story relevant needs strong evidence. Your business will gain trust if you can show your insights and knowledge into different markets, and this must be tackled strategically.

Skout has delivered many research-based marketing and communications campaigns. We understand how to make the most of research budgets and maximise the ‘shelf life’ of statistics. We work with leading B2B research partners, meaning that we have the capacity to survey almost any B2B audience, or even consumers where relevant.

The research we undertake on your behalf can underpin everything from a content perspective.


Your requirements may include:
In-depth reports
Press stories
Social media content and blogs
Integrated campaigns


Talk to us about how you can best use research to improve your B2B marketing and PR performance. We’re sure you’ll join our other clients in being highly satisfied with the results.

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