Sales enablement storybooks


When we think of B2B communications content, it is often focused on the top of the funnel for brand awareness and early engagement, or to support the consideration stage of the customer journey. However, content can be just as effective when used during the later phases of converting prospects into paying customers and helping sales teams close the deal. 

B2B sales teams increasingly need a steady stream of content, to help them convince prospects at crucial negotiation points, or to support social media selling.


With our specialist B2B expertise, we can help with creation of your sales enablement content, ensuring that your sales team is provided with the information, content and tools that help them to sell more effectively.


This may encompass:
Media Coverage – We can collate and display media coverage received by your business to the best advantage, providing an appealing overview of past media attention for your prospective clients.
Case studies and testimonials – Hearing from satisfied customers, who have worked with your brilliant B2B business is a powerful marketing tool.
Data sheets and cost benefit analysis, ROI calculators and more – all the tools to show your potential customers that you can provide the utmost advantage to their business.


Sales enablement content can leave a hugely powerful message with the potential customer and help them realise you’re the right solution.

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