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Just as with all other communications channels, social media is nothing without content behind it. So it is crucial that any B2B marketing campaign considers the content requirements for social media.


All too often, social media feeds are flooded with posts of little substance or that fail to compel audiences into any kind of positive action. Everything becomes very ‘me too’ and brands find themselves following the crowd rather than doing something that makes them stand out. Poor content means poor engagement and a lacklustre response. As a B2B market leader, or an emerging business, you know all too well that to make social media content perform well, it must offer something engaging, informative and different.


Your social media content requirements might include:
Pulse blogs (LinkedIn): An effective and immediate way to get your message across.
Video/Animation: These can be used in all manner of ways on social media, and have a strong capacity to go viral.
Infographics: When using social media, it is extremely beneficial to impart information quickly and in a way that stays in the memory. Infographics are a great way to achieve this.
Photography/illustration: Visual information will always help the viewer to retain information, on a crowded newsfeed.
Interactive Content: An effective way to grab attention is to engage the viewer by asking them to interact with content.


But that’s just the start. Its about what goes into each of these content formats that really counts. That’s where, through our extensive content creation and storytelling expertise, Skout makes the difference.

We can develop your B2B social media content for you from start to finish. Our expert team, and specialist partners, can produce a wide spectrum of vibrant, intelligent ideas.

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