Social media planning and platform management


Once you have your social media strategy in place, it’s a natural evolution to schedule planning and platform management: it’s time to start putting things into action! 

While social media strategy covers the bigger picture and overall approach, planning and platform management delves more into the specifics of how your social media campaigns will be run and what they will contain; taking direction from the clearly defined strategy of course.


At Skout we approach social media planning just like an editorial schedule. We plot out what campaigns, stories, content and themes each of your company platforms need to contain and communicate, then ‘commission’ all of the work required to achieve this, whether this is simply writing posts, creating or sourcing visual assets or building specific pieces of content. We then work with your platforms of choice to schedule and manage the ‘logistics’.


When working with you on social media planning and platform management we deliver:
Crucial processes. We will work with you to create an adaptable but comprehensive plan of what you are going to cover.
Calendar creation: mapping out pre-planned posts is an effective means of ensuring consistency and regularity.
Support in creating the all-important content and posts themselves, ensuring that they are on brand and match the overall strategy.
All elements of platform management: helping to run your social media programme day by day with the use of industry leading platforms and professional insight.


Give your B2B social media programmes a vital boost by working with Skout on planning and platform management.

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