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Today, social media is an essential element of any B2B marketing strategy. When it’s done well, it enables brands to increase digital presence, engage key audiences, drive website traffic and generate leads. 

We’re all aware that all B2B businesses need to have a strong social media presence, but here at Skout we think that it’s important to think about ‘why’ social media is necessary and ‘how’ it should be approached before deciding ‘what’ you should post. There is an awful lot of noise out there, but how much is actually heard? Getting target audiences to pay attention to your brand on social media requires a sound and measurable strategy.


You may have already developed a following on Twitter or LinkedIn, but you want to increase this. Or you may wish to create a presence on another social media channel. Or it may be a blank canvas and you’re working out where to start.

A well thought through social media strategy can help to increase brand awareness, ensure that exactly the right B2B audience is targeted and boost relevant following and engagement.


We work closely with your team to ensure your social media strategy is aligned with the wider objectives of the business, by setting goals such as increasing followers or web traffic.
We audit your current social media activity as well as the wider landscape. We then give you lots of relevant, creative ideas to boost your social media performance.
We look at your competitors to ensure you stand out.
We set SMART objectives and KPIs.
We conduct regular reviews across your channels. These identify trends and metrics such as engagement levels, followers, content performance and website referrals.


Whatever your specific requirements, our team can help you to create a brilliant social media strategy.

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