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Social media works best in B2B when it is a collective effort. Strong agency support is great to help to set your overall strategy and ensure that corporate feeds are all performing to the best of your brand’s ability. But there is no doubt that results can be amplified for your business by building broader internal skillsets around use of social media in a business context.

We recommend that this happens within the marketing team as a priority, but it is also a preferred strategy for wider business teams, who find themselves sharing social media business posts and content and interacting with other businesses on social media platforms. On platforms like LinkedIn, everyone is part of your brand, so it’s important to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to succeed.


Skout can provide the knowledge transfer your business needs, so that all relevant individuals perform to their best ability on social media. This will help you enhance your business’ reputation and help them achieve their goals. It could include the senior management improving their personal profile, sales teams learning how to use social media to sell, and HR teams boosting the employer brand and attracting better talent.


Our social media training options will always be tailored to your specific needs. Depending on your requirements we will:
Coach your marketing teams on every aspect of B2B social media, from management platforms to post writing.
Coach the relevant wider teams within your organisation on optimising profiles, building networks, posting etiquette, and supporting the business’ efforts.


With many years of experience and expertise in B2B social media, Skout is ideally placed to help you with this quick-evolving and ever-changing marketing and communications must. 

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