Social selling and relationship nurturing


B2B social media extends way beyond providing a voice for the business. Many B2B organisations are now equipping their sales and marketing teams with the skills and techniques to use social media to nurture better business relationships.


Evidence suggests that sales executives who sell on social media are more likely to hit their target. However, it’s not quite as simple as creating dedicated sales posts and letting the platform algorithms work their magic. Nurturing and selling, and wider communications on social media are inextricably linked. To ensure any kind of successful sales outcome, as a B2B businesses you need to ensure your people know how to use the platforms effectively engage other individuals personally. 

The clue is in the name ‘social’ media. In B2B we often forget that social media platforms are created for building relationships, not corporate communications. LinkedIn for example is a great means of playing this long game and nurturing relationships into future customers through regular ‘soft’ contact.


Are you getting ready to sell socially? We can help with:
Sales-focused content assets. We can guide you when it comes to creating content that sells, as well as taking on the entire process at Skout, depending on requirements.
Aligning sales teams with marketing activity. It is important that ‘real world’ activity from your sales team sits alongside social media interactions.
Sales-focused demand generation campaigns.
Social selling training. We will show you how to create the content to help you to sell, both directly and indirectly.
Profile optimisation.
Communications training – how to talk to leads and prospects on social media.


Social media selling and relationship nurturing is becoming an increasingly prominent aspect of many sales and marketing strategies. Don’t miss this opportunity to shine and increase your sales output.

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