Story foraging and ideation


When it comes to B2B communications, we firmly believe that authentic stories produce better results, which is why we place such an emphasis on foraging for the ‘real’ stories within our clients’ businesses and transforming them into cut through content and PR coverage.


It can sometimes be difficult for an organisation to identify its truly authentic and engaging stories. A fresh pair of eyes is needed as well as an outside perspective. Which is where we are able to help, as we put ‘natural storytelling’ at the heart of everything that we do for our clients. With our active and innovative foraging and ideation services, we can help you build the kind of engaging narratives around your business that will interest the press and target audiences and bring measurable results.


Our story foraging and ideation service includes:
Gaining an intimate knowledge of your business and marketing goals.
Digging deep to understand the landscape your business is operating in.
Delivering story foraging workshops with your people.
Ideation to develop the right storylines.
Building a story repository to support your ongoing communications.


We will work with you to identify the authentic stories within your organisation and build a brilliantly effective marketing and PR campaign around them.

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