Strategy and planning


Undertaking digital or inbound marketing is common practice for B2B businesses, but instead of just doing this because you ‘should’, there is real benefit to understanding ‘why’ your business can benefit and more importantly what thinking and approach should be taken. This strategy helps to ensure that your digital and inbound marketing investment delivers against business objectives.


Following on from this comes the detailed planning to work out exactly what programmes and campaigns your business should be delivering as part of its digital and inbound strategy, to maximise results.

It can be a complex and involved process. Increasingly, digital touch points play a major role in moving prospective customers from awareness to consideration to purchase. Any effective digital campaign requires an intelligent strategy and a watertight plan behind it.


We can cover:
Strategy, goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve with your B2B digital marketing campaign, and why?
Creative campaign development.
Digital channel selection, right across the Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned (PESO) mix.
Content strategy and planning.
Inbound marketing tools and platform choice. We can work with the tools and systems that you already have in place or recommend the most effective options for you.
Measurement strategies.


Please talk to us about your digital and inbound strategy requirements. We can help you optimise this vital B2B marketing framework.

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