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Whitepapers, reports and guides have been a core element of B2B content marketing for many years and remain extremely relevant even in today’s increasingly ‘short form’ world. These persuasive, in-depth content assets on a specific topic, informing readers through specialist knowledge or advice, are often pivotal to integrated campaigns, and can be utilised at many key points in any B2B business’ sales and marketing cycle. We call them your destination content – if someone’s reading one of these it tells you lots about what they are looking for!


All these content formats must offer meaningful and useful information to add value: all too often they can contain very little actual content and are presented in a dry or dull manner.


We will ensure that your whitepapers and reports:
Are maximised for inbound marketing benefits and automated campaigns as a targeted call to action.
Are built for social media campaigns, PPC integration and more for marketing lead generation.
Are available in different formats depending on requirements: such as pdf, print, interactive, web, e-book, or audio.
Have consistently high production values.

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