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100% Group is a global retail installation and maintenance business with a strong commitment to sustainability. Working with high-profile brands across the world, they focus on the full lifecycle of a display, including initial design, packaging, transportation and end of life (which includes recycling, repurposing and regifting to charities or community groups).

Skout’s brief was to create a piece of engaging content that would drive traffic to 100% Group’s  website and increase the number of enquiries into the business. We designed a sustainability survey which went to 200 senior figures in the industry and produced a research report about the challenges the retail sector faces.

It didn’t stop there. We pulled together a full campaign around the report, which targeted key decision makers in retail marketing, both brands and agencies. This included blogs, emails, landing pages and social posts to feed into the lead generation machine.

Where we shone

The whole campaign performed way above 100% Group’s expectations. In fact, we smashed their target for the number of downloads by a phenomenal 350%. They were able to capture the details of many new customers and re-start a dialogue with others.

Our report opened 100% Group’s eyes to the power of high quality content. Working with a specialist lead generation company, the content was then used to further target specific brands on social media, leading to conversations with potential new customers.

We positioned 100% Group as the authority on sustainability in the industry. We helped them to own the space and be seen as thought leaders in the retail installations industry but also with wider implications for retail in general. Already a market-leader, the campaign consolidated their competitive edge.

In a nutshell

Increasing website traffic and generating leads
Brilliant because:
Skout recommended 100% Group take an authoritative position and commission an industry-leading research report. The content generated a record number of downloads and enabled the business to engage with key decision makers. Not only that, the campaign positioned 100% Group as the go-to resource on sustainability in retail installation.

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