Preparing for every eventuality


ESPO is a professional buying organisation for the public and education sectors. With a large supply chain, thousands of customers, a busy warehouse, and a fleet of vehicles on the road, a PR crisis could occur at any time. Communicating with the media is essential during a crisis and handling the situation efficiently and effectively is vital. ESPO came to us to create a crisis PR plan which would enable it to speak to the media with confidence in any circumstance.

Where we shone

Skout worked with ESPO to identify the types of crisis it could potentially face.

These incidents were then categorised into minor or major crises and plans were formulated as to how to respond in each situation. A detailed crisis communications plan was created explaining how ESPO should approach communications during each situation.

In a nutshell

Prepare the client for handling any crisis PR situation
Brilliant because:
The plan offered a step-by-step approach to crisis communications, including how to lead and control communications and what preparation needs to be undertaken in advance.

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