Shaking things up in an integrated campaign


Leading white goods manufacturer, Miele Professional, focused its PR primarily on the laundry side of its business with its washing machines and tumble dryers. But the company also produces a wide range of commercial dishwashing appliances, so we proposed a specific campaign to boost awareness around the launch of a new range.

We tackled the project with an end user approach, by exploring the challenges the hotel and bar industry faced and mapped it back to why Miele’s equipment was so well placed to address their needs.

Our initial desk research focused on the trends in crockery and glassware in the top restaurants and bars all around the UK and Ireland. Once we had the findings, we interviewed a chef and mixologist about the challenges associated with keeping items clean.

We produced a press release about the research findings, which revealed that while crockery was relatively easy, glassware was the real challenge due to the many different types of glasses – caused by the popularity of cocktails.

Our recommendation was for Miele to move away from their brand guidelines and produce a piece of content that echoed a cocktail menu.

Where we shone

We created an eye-catching infographic that revealed the challenge associated with cleaning each type of glass. The result was a stylish drinks menu with Miele’s dishwashing solution on the back.

Including commentary from a mixologist, we also produced an article on specific challenges, such as lipstick stains and cocktail accessories clogging filters. We built a whole social campaign around the menu and had specific assets designed to complement it.

We obtained great coverage for Miele, including three full page feature articles, and excellent traction with key hotel and bartending publications. Miele’s sales teams also loved the guide and continue to use it.

A major advantage of the campaign was its timelessness. Glassware remains a challenge no matter what time of year you’re ordering a cocktail so we can keep developing assets whether it’s a summery Bellini or a warming Gluhwein.

In a nutshell

Showcasing a different product line through an integrated campaign
Brilliant because:
Skout helped Miele take a real step change with this innovative campaign, not just in promoting a different product line, but in opting for an eye-catching infographic that resonated with new audiences.

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