'Immer besser’ B2B marketing


The commercial division of renowned German white goods manufacturer, Miele, was keen to boost awareness and sales of its products within the key commercial sectors of care, hotels, and veterinary practices.

Where we shone

Inspired by Miele’s ‘Immer Besser’ (Forever Better) mission statement, Skout undertook multiple campaigns focused on building awareness within the three designated target markets. We instigated investigative surveys gauging customer attitudes to cleanliness and infection control, and developed eGuides and ‘care cards’ aimed at improving hotel laundry processes and infection control compliance within care homes and vets. We also generated considerable media activity which, with our focus on natural storytelling, produced 120 pieces of press coverage over the course of a year. This coverage resulted in 800,000 brand views from within Miele’s target sectors as well as large increases in social media interactions and followers.

In a nutshell

To deliver integrated communications programmes supporting brand awareness, demand generation and sales support across Miele’s key commercial sectors
Brilliant because:
Skout helped Miele develop an integrated marketing communications strategy for each of its key sectors.

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