Content campaign to boost SEO following a website redesign


Qbase helps organisations to realise the full value of their data assets and build their data infrastructure so that it can be used to provide insights and analytics to optimise automated customer journeys.

Having grown from being a company that originally simply compiled, managed and licensed marketing lists, its current services include business intelligence and analytics, data management and integration, and campaign orchestration.

Qbase was keen to boost its SEO rankings and ensure that it was coming up in searches that reflected its full capabilities. And so, we proposed a campaign to produce high-quality content in line with the keyword research.

We based our content programme around their four partners to showcase their software and demonstrate how Qbase could support its customers in using them. For each partner, we created a pillar blog covering an overarching topic that would sit on the Qbase website. This was linked to shorter related ‘cluster’ blogs that explored sub-topics in more detail. A social campaign was used to drive traffic towards them.

One of the partners was Apteco Marketing Suite, which analyses data to identify trends and audience segmentation. By addressing the features and benefits of the software, (and focusing on the end customer needs), our content achieved a high level of impact.

Where we shone

The content has proven to be a valuable resource on the Qbase website, attracting a consistent number of visits, months after the initial posting.

Campaign results showed high engagement, proving the content was relevant and well-targeted. Collectively, the Apteco blogs achieved 622 page views and 278 unique page views with an average duration of one minute 12 secs.

For the pillar blog, we obtained 127 page views and 63 unique page views. The average duration was one minute 54 seconds, showing users were actively engaged with the content.

As shown by the spikes in traffic, our social posts did a great job in driving visitors back to the blogs. However, the number of views also showed we had optimised the blogs well for SEO as traffic was also being driven to them even without support from social media posts.

We worked well as an extension of the marketing team at Qbase, aligning our programme with their objectives to boost SEO rankings and raise awareness of their work with partners.

Our content also helped Qbase’s website redesign by making sure it was optimised for both customers and search engines to increase traffic.

In a nutshell

To generate engaging content to boost Qbase’s SEO and support its website redesign
Brilliant because:
Skout and Qbase worked together in a new direction, capitalising on the knowledge and expertise of both teams. The result was a highly successful content creation programme that not only hit all the SEO objectives but also produced something people wanted to engage with.

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