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Teneo, a specialist integrator of next generation technology, tasked Skout with devising a UK and US-focused PR programme to raise awareness of both the company’s values and its insights into key business technology issues. As part of this, we identified the topics that Teneo was particularly keen to talk about, such as GDPR, which helped us pitch them to the media as a knowledgeable commentator on the issue just as it was becoming a hot topic.

Also, we conducted a survey of CIOs and took the various themes arising from it to use as hooks to generate further media coverage. 

Where we shone

Armed with a range of topics, we were able to successfully secure coverage in numerous relevant media outlets, including Computer Weekly, Networking+, Digitalisation World, IDG Connect and Forbes.

In a nutshell

Global media coverage to support business growth
Brilliant because:
Identifying those topics that Teneo was keen to talk about resulted in substantial coverage in key media and helped the company to become a regular and respected commentator on digital issues.

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