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Tackling e-waste


Leading circular IT provider, Stone Group, wanted to raise awareness of its IT asset disposal service and gamechanging IT recycling app, Stone 360, showcasing its fundamental commitment to reducing e-waste. 

Where we shone

Through our ‘how green is your business?’ campaign, we gave businesses a reason to care about e-waste and act by downloading the Stone 360 app, which helps them to take a sustainable, 360-degree approach to IT from first hardware purchase through to its end of life. We used market research to highlight just how committed (or not) UK organisations are to disposing of their IT assets responsibly. Using these statistics, we generated news and thought leadership articles, highlighting the UK’s growing ewaste challenge and positioning the app and Stone’s IT asset disposal service as the solution. As a result, Stone Group received over 77 pieces of dedicated coverage in the UK and Europe reaching an audience of over 600K.  In addition, Skout also secured media interviews for Stone’s chief of sales & marketing officer, Tim Westbrook, building the public profile of the business and putting a human touch in B2B relations. The Stone 360 app launch campaign has since won Best B2B Marketing Campaign at the Global Marketing Awards 2021 and Best Marketing Campaign at the CRN Sales and Marketing Awards. Stone 360 was also awarded ‘App of the Year 2021’ at the UK Business Tech Awards. 

In a nutshell

To raise commercial awareness of e-waste and Stone’s mission and create demand through media relations.
Brilliant because:
Skout worked with Stone to raise awareness of overlooked environmental issues and created engaging storytelling content that saw the client become central to the e-waste and sustainable tech procurement debate. As a result, Stone’s profile in the media and with customers was raised. Stone not only became better known for its e-waste services, it also became more respected for its values.

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