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Based in South Korea, Tridge is an ambitious digital sourcing and market intelligence hub for the global agri-foods sector, providing rich market insights to food buyers and suppliers. With the food sector being one of the most complex from a trading perspective, Tridge wanted to attract large conglomerates as well as venture capitalist investors through awareness and digital validation of the brand.

We put Tridge’s data to work alongside other story assets, to create compelling angles for the top food, commodities, tech and data journalists internationally. We also developed a media nurturing programme designed to target and build ongoing relationships with key publications. To maximise opportunities, we worked closely with Tridge to monitor industry trends and seasonal themes to ensure stories were relevant to the media agenda.

Where we shone

We had our first success in a matter of days with a corporate feature in Business Insider as well as coverage in top-tier agriculture titles including Fruitnet and Fresh Plaza. Subsequently, Tridge has featured in media including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, South China Morning Post, Yahoo and MSN. Within a 15-month period, the brand received over 150 pieces of coverage and 3.7 million estimated coverage views.

The nurture programme proved fruitful, enabling us to form relationships for future opportunities with the BBC, Bloomberg, Nikkei, Reuters, The Financial Times, The Information and many more. By using different pitching techniques, we also established a connection with the world leading business news channel, CNBC, which led to a broadcast interview for Tridge’s CEO on ‘Street signs Asia’.

In a nutshell

Targeting international business media for brand validation
Brilliant because:
Skout elevated the Tridge brand by increasing its presence in the international media, showcasing how the platform could help resolve information asymmetry within the food supply chain via its data.

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