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Vielife, a global provider of health solutions that drive business improvements, approached Skout when it was looking for a B2B PR agency to increase brand awareness in the UK. It wanted to win strong national and trade media coverage, to increase market authority and drive sales of its online corporate health and wellbeing management platforms. 

In response, we set our sights on national mainstream media coverage, but to get that we needed a strong story with a wide focus. We worked closely with Vielife’s Chief Medical Officer to analyse and interpret data contained in 40,000 personal UK worker health assessments in the Vielife platform. This uncovered the impact that lack of sleep was having on people’s ability to work effectively. The result was the attention-grabbing storyline that UK workers were ‘sleep drunk’.

Where we shone

We maximised the impact of this and other stories by offering it exclusively – after intensive negotiation – to The Observer, which ran it as a full-page article. And such was the impact, that the story went on to generate over 50 further pieces of direct coverage in target media.

We also ran a series of media briefings in which we offered journalists free use of Vielife’s welling tools. This led to a detailed Guardian article centred upon the writer’s experiences.

We also ran an external survey asking heads of finance and HR their views on workplace health and wellbeing, which was used to secure a lead story in Human Resources magazine, as well as coverage in Finance Director magazine amongst others.

In a nutshell

To increase UK brand awareness of global enterprise
Brilliant because:
The extensive, high-profile media coverage we secured helped the client not only to generate direct sales but transform itself within the UK to one of the first ports of call for journalists seeking comment on topical health and wellbeing issues.

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