As most searches for products or services start online, it’s important to make sure that your website is properly optimised to give you a chance of standing out from your competitors. Appearing as high up as possible on relevant search rankings is crucial, and as the majority of internet users don’t click past the first page of search results, this is where you need to be.

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Investing in an SEO and link building programme is essential in boosting your website traffic and search engine visibility, and it can be an incredibly powerful strategy to reinforce your brand’s advocacy and authority in its market.

Optimising each piece of website content with keywords (words and phrases that are highly relevant to your product or service offering) can help to boost your ranking for relevant searches. Meanwhile, generating high quality backlinks (hyperlinks on another quality website that direct users to yours) shows search engines that your page is a credible and trusted source. This also helps to bring your website up the google search rankings and signposts relevant audiences to your website. In turn, this advocacy can improve your chances of a conversion.

At Skout, we work with businesses across a range of different sectors to optimise content and boost search engine visibility to drive website traffic.


Search engine algorithms are complex and ever-changing, so devising and implementing an effective SEO strategy can understandably seem like a difficult task, especially as search engines don’t give much away! However, experience tells us that useful, well-written content with relevant keywords and link building with high domain authority sites all sit at the heart of SEO success.

Here’s our tried and tested approach;

  • We start by understanding your business and its marketing landscape to ensure the right approach. We work with you to identify your key words and phrases, as well as a list of reputable and desirable backlink press targets to inform our content strategy.
  • Next we go story foraging within your business – delving deep to see what natural assets you already have. To build on these natural assets, we may also conduct research with your target audience(s) to uncover key trends and insights.
  • Once everything’s in place, we then get to work. It’s all about creating genuinely purposeful and engaging content that serves a purpose for your audience while naturally incorporating your keywords to help boost your ranking for relevant searches.
  • We also create engaging news stories and compelling content for press to get you in front of a highly relevant audience, aiming for backlinks where possible to build advocacy and drive traffic to your website.
  • We carry out ongoing measurement and reporting so we can see what’s working well and identify potential improvements so we can continually adapt and enhance our strategy.
  • We make sure we also stay informed with SEO developments and industry best practice so you can rest assured that you’re always getting the best support.


Whether it’s your first foray into SEO and link building, or you’re looking for a fresh perspective, or simply want to outsource the burden, we’re well equipped to help. Here are some of the benefits we deliver.

  • Freeing up your time – SEO can often take a backseat to other crucial marketing activities because it’s an ongoing process, not a quick win. We can take the content stratigising, management and implementation off your hands so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.
  • Creating good quality, interesting content to appeal to your audience – We never churn out content for content’s sake. Everything we create has a purpose for you and your audience, ultimately boosting your SEO appeal.
  • Coverage in your tier one media – We use our story foraging and relentless pursuit of interesting media hooks to create relevant and engaging stories for your key media targets, aiming for links and social shares to boost advocacy and drive traffic to your website.
  • Aiding conversions – Not only can our SEO and link building efforts get key prospects onto your site, but also aid conversion while they’re there. Your extremely relevant and advisory website content positions you as a trusted advisory source, making it more likely that they’ll progress to the next stage of the customer journey.


We helped employee solutions provider, Grass Roots, boost its SEO and website traffic using a research campaign to target its key audiences and generate coverage and backlinks in its tier one media.


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Press release writing and news media coverage

Well written, targeted press releases have been a PR staple for decades, and they still sit at the heart of most successful B2B PR programmes. In fact, the press release can be the key to unlocking several crucial marketing communications goals – from targeted brand awareness to high domain authority link building (SEO). However, journalists receive so many press releases of varying quality that working with experts like us to write and pitch news stories will help yours to get noticed.

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Media article writing

B2B organisations have a wealth of knowledge that can be used to generate articles and blogs for the press, social media and the web. Doing this offers many B2B PR benefits, from brand awareness to SEO.

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Social media strategy

Today, social media is essential to any business’ marketing strategy. It enables brands to increase their online presence, engage key audiences and drive website traffic. A reactive approach to social media by ‘posting for posting’s sake’ isn’t enough.

A carefully planned social media strategy maximises your investment. Strategic planning can help increase brand awareness, ensure audiences are targeted effectively, and boost following and engagement. It will also help generate a wealth of data which can be analysed to understand your audience and their needs more.

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Social media audit and strategy

Social media campaigns can deliver many business and marketing benefits. Increased brand awareness, driving inbound traffic, improved customer satisfaction and lead generation are just a few of these outcomes.

You may have already developed a following on Twitter or LinkedIn, but want to boost engagement. Or, maybe you’re thinking about building your presence on another social media channel, but aren’t sure where to start, what content to post, or how to engage with your followers?

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B2B PR plays a big role in demand generation. It’s all is about showing how an organisation’s products or services can help solve pressing business challenges. Whether that’s through thought-leadership, product reviews, corporate profiling or customer stories, a sound demand generation PR strategy can make a huge difference to whether people move from basic awareness to consideration and purchase.

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If you’re looking to raise brand awareness, compete in a crowded market, drive web traffic or reach new audiences, it might be time for your business to engage in PR. However, a long-term and strategic approach to PR is needed if you really want to put your business on the map, educate target audiences on what you do and why they should choose to work with you. You’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge but where do you start?

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A well-executed B2B PR campaign can have a significant positive impact on the reputation of your brand, attracting global, national, regional and trade media attention as well as boosting sales and enquiries. However, knowing where to start and how to roll out a campaign that meets your objectives can be a huge challenge.

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Whether your company is just starting out, or you are already a market leader in your sector, launching a new product or service can come with its challenges. Buyers may well know little or nothing about your product, meaning that you must establish recognition and trust with potential customers. Using PR to create a backdrop to your launch is crucial for engaging key audiences. A strategically planned PR campaign, integrated with other marketing activities, helps to build brand awareness, create influence, educate the market and ultimately create interest and trust.

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B2B as a discipline has changed significantly in recent years, evolving to meet a very different set of needs from businesses who want to raise awareness of their brand in an increasingly competitive market. There has been a growing focus on consumer led tools such as social media and marketing automation in B2B to help create a more personalised approach to marketing.

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With so many people tuning into the TV or radio, broadcast media coverage helps expose businesses to mass audiences, building brands further than many other media results can. And with a clever approach, even B2B organisations can get their brand on popular TV programmes, radio shows and podcasts, often exposed to audiences of millions.

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In many ways, the people within a business are the brand. There are many B2C brands today that people automatically associate with the entrepreneur or individual behind the business. And even in B2B, personality is a big differentiating factor that can help to set you apart from your competitors. Although your business isn’t necessarily trying to appeal to the masses, it’s important to remember that people buy from people, so bringing the human side of your brand to the foreground is important.

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Vertical sector PR shows your potential and existing customers that you understand their world. Whether they’re in retail, finance, manufacturing, or another market, showing your knowledge of their challenges, opportunities and priorities – can help to win them over.

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We live in an age of reference and it’s estimated that nine out of 10 people look at online reviews for the products or services they want to purchase before making their buying decision. It’s no secret that 70-90% of the buying journey is done before a customer contacts the vendor and that’s why it’s more important than ever before to ensure customers are an essential part of your PR strategy.

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If you’re thinking about using public relations to help raise the profile of your business, then the first thing to establish is a clear and relevant PR strategy. Doing this ensures your PR efforts showcase your brand and business reputation in the most effective way.

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Boosting your business’ presence within its local area is a crucial part of many PR strategies. It can help you build solid relationships within your community and promote a positive brand image to regional stakeholders. These include employees and local customers, to the wider business community.

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Many B2B marketers are extending their PR and media relations programmes to include a wider base of industry influencers. They’re onto a good thing, because association and engagement with influencers can push their brand to the next level. It also helps with recommendations and achieving recognition with the most difficult to convert prospects.

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Effective industry analyst relations can make a huge difference to whether you make it on to a buyer’s preferred supplier list or not. As influencers, analysts are held in high regard by potential customers and can unlock solid business opportunities for you. They’re among the most important people to have on your business’ side. Influencing and informing your sector’s analyst community can also help to increase your brand’s reference-ability, through inclusion in sector reports, newsletters, periodic updates and media coverage.

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Interviews with the media are a great way to build relationships with key journalists in your sector. Successful interviews also generate coverage to boost brand awareness. They help you effectively convey key messages to your target audience too. However, before jumping into a live interview situation or even speaking with a journalist over the phone, it’s important to make sure you’re fully prepared.

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As most searches for products or services start online, it’s important to make sure that your website is properly optimised to give you a chance of standing out from your competitors. Appearing as high up as possible on relevant search rankings is crucial, and as the majority of internet users don’t click past the first page of search results, this is where you need to be.

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Making the move from a regional PR approach to presenting your company to a national audience can deliver significant opportunities to your brand. Whether you’ve taken a conscious decision to offer your product or services outside of your region or if you’ve concluded that your audience may remain regional but that they’re accessing national media, Skout can help. Taking your brand to national level can bring with it complex challenges – expanding brand awareness, targeting new press and creating new customer profiles – but successfully gaining your place in key national titles lies with having the right stories to tell.

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