CES 2019 – what’s next for the customer experience?

Posted on 28th January 2019 by Kat Wilding

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Earlier this month saw the international CES event take place in Las Vegas. The technology playground offers retailers, brands and suppliers the opportunity to showcase new, wacky and wonderful products and network with other professionals within the industry.

This year the event saw the likes of Samsung, Google, Amazon and many more show off their latest gadgets, including all things foldable, rollable, 4K-able, smart and of course voice activated devices also featured heavily across the four days.

A major topic at this year’s event was high tech retailing and how retailers can make the shopping experience a virtual adventure. With many industry professionals believing the death of the high street is nigh, it’s interesting to see how the technology presented at CES could be rolled out throughout the retail sector to create an immersive customer experience.

Over recent years the high street has become more about the physicality of the customer experience. For example Lush recently trialled an AR product app, which allowed customers to scan products, find out more information and go hunting around the shop to find product suggestions. Brands have also explored the use of magic mirrors. This technology enables customers to try on clothes or make up virtual using cameras. The use of smart, voice activated or connected technology is still a relatively new concept for many retailers. While for many this may sound a little big brother esque, this technology is able to collect an individual’s age, gender and demographic. The data can then be used to allow brands to gain a more accurate understanding of their customers and generate more tailored content, which can be pushed out using display screens for example.

The event also offers brands the opportunity to provide an insight into what they’ve got up their sleeves as well as giving them the chance to speak with the world’s press. As a B2B PR agency who specialises in technology CES allows individuals like ourselves to get a first-hand look at what could be hitting the shelves over the next couple of years.


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