No Partridge in a Pear Tree for us, we’ve got a dog called Stanley

Posted on 6th December 2018 by Fiona

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We’re starting to feel festive here at Skout HQ! The decorations are up, we’ve got Mince Pies and our lunch breaks are currently taken up on the hunt for Macclesfield’s finest Christmas sandwich.

It’s been another busy 12 months for us Skouts so we thought what better way to sum up our year than to do it to the countdown chorus of ‘The twelve days of Christmas’……

All together now…

12 hundred pounds raised for Christie (Rob ran the marathon and raised this amount)

11 trips to Oxford (to visit our lovely client Miele)

10 tired legs (5 Skouts ran the Macc 5K)

9 holes at Junk Yard Golf (a Skout night out)

8 team members (Skout got bigger this year)

7 new clients

6 PR award nominations

5 Skout values (check out our new values here)

4 new desks (for our growing team)

3 trips abroad (to visit our international clients)

2 new Skouts (we welcomed Juliet & Lottie to the team)

And an office dog called Stanley (Rob’s dog pops in to see us from time to time)

Merry Christmas!


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