Employee benefits PR

Driving natural stories from employee data


vielife is a global health and wellbeing solutions provider owned by private medical care firm CIGNA. A niche brand at the time, vielife wanted to increase brand awareness in the UK market. The team set us a clear goal: to win national and trade media coverage to increase awareness and so drive sales of its online corporate health and wellbeing management platforms. A particular challenge of this employee benefits PR brief was the variety of target audiences, potential customers including HR, finance directors, consultancies and insurance intermediaries.


We used analysis of vielife sleep data to secure a whole page exclusive in The Observer.

We also offered journalists free use of vielife leading to a detailed Guardian article centred on the writer’s experiences.

Our survey on workplace health and wellbeing produced top stories in Human Resources and Financial Director.


vielife’s extensive media coverage included further national media hits plus pieces in HR, health and C-suite level management media. On top of the Observer feature, the sleep drunk story alone ended up generating over 50 pieces of direct coverage in target media. For vielife, the story provided a massive talking point for their sales pipeline as well as a major brand awareness boost.

As a result, vielife went within two years from a position as a little-known niche player to being one of the first ports of call for journalists seeking comment on topical health and wellbeing issues.

Skout opened our eyes to the value PR can add to business performance. From front page features in Guardian Work and a Human Resources lead story, your work was critical to our marketing and brand building. Thanks!

Jessica Silva

Director, vielife