A leading UK university

Top marks for spurring business innovation

Skout helps a university show SMEs how to successfully manage the factors that spur business growth


Gone are the days when universities only offered degree courses and carried out academic research. One university we worked with is also committed to accelerating business growth in its region, offering support such as workshops and networking events for entrepreneurs seeking the next stage of their venture. The time had come to give the business services a boost in recognition and spread the word to the wider business community.


Putting ‘art’ into the traditional STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths – the university launched a business growth service that enables small business owners to share skills. We supported the launch by creating an e-guide that supports businesses in their quest for growth, as well as various blogs and an infographic that explored what the facility has to offer.

Businesses and students equally benefit from the university’s service that matches them together and offers employment opportunities to graduates. We were keen to dispel the myth of graduate recruitment being risky, and created an e-guide, infographic, various blogs and case studies that explore how SMEs can benefit from taking on fresh talent, to feature on the website dedicated to the university’s business services.

Research topics explored by the university’s leaders cover a range of topics from IoT to smart cities. We wrote a series of blogs for the business services website, exploring these subjects, their potential, and what difference it could make for businesses. We profiled a handful of academics who have led successful R&D projects, showing the journey they have taken and looking into what the future holds for their area of study.


Thanks to Skout’s drive in content, the university’s website dedicated to its business services has seen a boost in engagement, resulting in interest from more businesses, from SMEs to bigger organisations, wanting to get involved. The STEAM e-guide, blogs and infographic gained significant engagement, showing SME owners the work it does, the insights it can provide, and the practical support it offers in its services.