An ‘Immer Besser’ approach to marketing

Skout puts a new spin on Miele’s marketing


Miele is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of white goods, with its commercial division being well-established among many sectors including care, hotels and veterinary practices. Skout saw the opportunity to carry out multiple campaigns that focused on building awareness within these three key target markets. We were keen for the PR campaigns to live up to Miele’s ‘Immer Besser’ message, meaning ‘forever better’ in German.


In a survey of 100 vets and 100 pet owners, we uncovered both parties’ views on cleanliness in veterinary surgeries. We created two press releases and an eGuide based on the results, which showed the importance of infection control in vets and the impact it has on its reputation.

We carried out a campaign that revealed that cleanliness plays a key part in a hotel guest’s experience. Using two press releases, several bylined articles, case studies and an eGuide, we showed how hotels can transform their laundry processes to boost customer satisfaction.

Infection control is one of the most crucial legal requirements for the care sector. We developed various guides that explore different areas of ensuring compliance, and several ‘care cards’ that show the right laundry equipment for different care homes. Media activity included a Q&A with Miele’s care expert in some top care titles, as well as case studies on Miele’s care customers.


Collectively, all campaigns generated an impressive 120 pieces of press coverage that resulted in almost 800,000 views among Miele’s key target sectors. This included coverage in prestigious industry publications such as Caring Times and Vet Times. 90% of coverage achieved mentioned Miele first, and 86% referenced only Miele and no competitors.

In terms of social media, within 11 months we gained Miele 849 new followers on LinkedIn and 300 on Twitter. We also increased engagement (likes, shares and comments) from almost nothing to 2,141 on LinkedIn, and from 38 to 994 on Twitter.