Human resources PR

Gaining attention for a new product in a crowded market


INSPIRING Business Performance is a UK-based management consultancy providing international organisational development services. Our brief was to help INSPIRING launch its innovative leadership measurement tool to the UK market. A clever online system, it allowed HR managers to quantify the impact of leader behaviour on business performance. INSPIRING was facing a crowded HR technology market dominated by established names. The objectives for this human resources PR campaign were:

To get information about the leadership measurement tool to HR managers and directors and business people via HR media, national business media, and regional business and consumer media.

To raise awareness of the impact of poorly-behaved bosses on UK productivity, making clear the difference between behaviour and skills.

To highlight the tool’s ability to make managers’ behavior measurable.


We ran research with 1,000 UK employees and crunched the resulting data through INSPIRING’S measurement tool.

Alongside the research we launched the product to the media via a series of targeted briefings and news stories.

We then developed a series of real-life case studies taken from employees’ experiences, and offered the subjects for interview.


We achieved extensive coverage for INSPIRING in target media including Human Resources magazine, regional BBC TV and radio, and major regional press including the Evening Standard and the Glasgow Herald. As the source of the data, the measurement tool was widely cited.

Awareness was well and truly raised. From a standing start, INSPIRING had won recognition as an HR thought leader. It also now has a substantial library of marketing and PR assets that it has been able to use within on-going marketing campaigns.

Most importantly, the campaign resulted in measurable business. Within just a few months, INSPIRING had over a dozen leadership measurement customers.

Skout has really helped to put INSPIRING ‘on the map’ and the team’s hard work, support, focus and drive is very much appreciated

John Telfer

managing director, INSPIRING