Conveyor Networks

Building a multi-channel campaign

Using effective thought leadership to spark debate and raise brand awareness


Conveyor Networks is a warehouse automation systems integrator and solutions provider, founded in 2009. Working from design and build through to serving and maintenance, it offers retail and factory logistics businesses best-in-class warehouse and automation solutions. Its sister company, imio, engineers its own high-level warehouse software, which controls processes, stores data, enables human interaction (e.g. directs people on which items to be picked and packed), generates documentation and shipping labels, and interacts with legacy systems, to name just a few.

Skout was enlisted to raise Conveyor Networks’ brand awareness and assist with lead generation during its typically quiet period. Skout developed a research-based campaign to uncover the key themes and challenges amongst its core market of mid-tier retailers. Using the findings, Skout built an integrated campaign to position Conveyor Networks as a thought leader and create content across multiple channels to resonate with its key audience. To maximise Conveyor Networks’ investment and build ongoing momentum with its audience, Skout developed a second thought leadership campaign, using an industry roundtable to create fresh content.


We conducted research of over 100 mid-tier retailers to identify their top challenges and used the findings to create materials across press, web, social and direct channels to resonate with Conveyor Networks’ core market and show they understand their challenges.

To extend the brand awareness campaign, we proposed a roundtable to focus on one key challenge; data complexity throughout the supply chain. We developed the agenda, questions, key talking points, suggested attendees, and liaised with David Tran, assistant editor at SHD Logistics, as media partner and chair of the event.

From the roundtable discussions, we identified key trends and storylines to create fresh content for press, web, social and direct channels, including a detailed report, press release, thought leadership article and blog programme.


The initial research campaign generated 14 pieces of coverage across key logistics, supply chain, and warehousing titles. Using the research findings, we created a visual-led, branded report, infographic, a series of web blogs and a programme of supporting social media.

The roundtable was a resounding success, engaging participants from every stage of the supply chain. Not only did the roundtable give participants the opportunity to discuss a timely topic amongst their peers, but also strengthened relationships between Conveyor Networks and key customers and raised awareness of its brand and expertise. The discussions provided a wealth of interesting material to work into content assets across multiple comms channels to raise brand awareness and support Conveyor Networks’ wider marketing objectives.

The press release and thought leadership article together generated a further eight pieces of coverage across tier one titles. We created a second report to outline the key threads of discussion, which Conveyor Networks hosted on its website and distributed through an email marketing campaign to generate downloads and leads. We supported this with a blog programme for the website, drafting three posts, each focusing on a different themes from the roundtable. We also used the event photography and stand-out quotes from participants to create visual soundbites for social media to promote the content further and open up the debate. As well as demonstrating that Conveyor Networks has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by its clients and partners, the campaign placed the brand at the heart of the discussion.

The integrated campaigns helped to position us as a thought leader and raise awareness through brand association, while getting us in front of a highly relevant audience. Skout created a range of engaging, high quality content to share over our main channels, allowing us to engage in conversation with our clients, partners, prospects and beyond. We saw tangible results from the campaigns and continue to use the content produced from them today.

Rebecca McAulay

marketing manager at Conveyor Networks