Thought leadership PR

Defining the desktop IT agenda


Thinspace is a UK-based thin client vendor working to help organisations migrate from PCs to more cost effective, greener and highly secure cloud-based computing.

During its start-up phase, the company had developed a range of proprietary hardware and software systems designed specifically for organisations working in a cloud computing environment. Needing to make an impact in a market dominated by global giants such as Dell and HP, Thinspace decided to focus on selling to firms still unaware of the benefits of thin client computing.

New to PR, they approached us for help and gave us two core objectives:

Get the company and its products noticed by the IT media and analyst community

Help convince IT people of the long-term cost benefits of replacing PCs with Thinspace’s thin client technology.

For us, this was a great opportunity to help Thinspace use thought leadership PR to build its brand in a media market awash with boring hardware launch stories!


To create a successful campaign we needed solid material the sector would see as both credible and authoritative.

A Thinspace collaboration with Lancaster University comparing total cost of PCs versus thin client became our core campaign hook.

We launched Thinspace to the IT media and analyst community via a series of briefing days led by Thinspace’s founder and CEO.


With close to 60 on-target results – including a number of lead articles – Thinspace quickly started to dominate the thin client media agenda. The exposure was both strong and sustained, with interest in the story continuing for a period of around a year. Coverage was achieved across the quality UK IT media, including Computer Weekly, PC Advisor, ComputerWorld and Computer Business Review. 

Importantly, our ongoing story nurturing resulted in a number of editors deciding to explore the background more fully. This led to in-depth articles analysing the Thinspace technology and looking at how it stacked up against its Goliath competitors. One example result was a dedicated double page feature in IT NOW, the publication of the British Computer Society.

The coverage also increased engagement with the company’s website, as every story linked back to an online Total Cost of Ownership calculator. Thinspace had achieved its objective. An obscure start-up no more, the company was well and truly on the map and its central cost-saving message had made its way to the heart of the IT community.

I trusted Skout implicitly to deliver the results we needed as a business. Operating in a technology market as a David against Goliaths required a highly targeted approach that played to our strengths.  This is exactly what Skout delivered

Lisa Layzell

CEO, Thinspace