B2B media training

Keeping all spokespeople on message


Managed IT and cloud services provider Redcentric had completed a reverse takeover of InTechnology Managed Services. The two businesses were being merged under the Redcentric brand. InTechnology was a well-known and well-respected business, and Redcentric knew that successful PR would be critical in ensuring InTechnology customers and stakeholders understood the benefits of the takeover. A key element in its PR strategy was the use of technical expert spokespeople. With the reputation of the new company at stake, our brief was to ensure every spokesperson, including the CTO, received B2B media training to stay on message with media.


To create insight and understanding amongst the spokespeople we introduced participants to the different roles within the media.

We then discussed the marketing context in which they were operating and how their comments as spokespeople needed to fit into this bigger picture.

Then we delivered practical training around the company’s own messaging, creating challenging interview scenarios to test skills.


Individual participants took on board the importance of the spokesperson role and now understand how critical it is to respond appropriately when asked by the media for comments. They refer back to their training when an interview is scheduled, and put the techniques they learnt into practice. As a result, they are able to get across the points they want to communicate rather than being led in a different direction by the interviewer – and Redcentric has increased confidence that quotes appearing in the press will be directly aligned with key marketing messages.

Skout’s media training really consolidated delivery of our messages into one version of the truth for the new Redcentric brand and helped all of our technical spokespeople to deliver exactly what they should, but nothing they shouldn’t, during their media interviews.

Claire Botha

Marketing Director, Redcentric