Opening minds on both sides of the Atlantic

Skout showcases IT managed service provider’s insights into tech innovation in UK and US


Teneo is a specialist integrator of next generation technology, with offices in the UK, the US, France and Australia. Looking to share its business success stories with the media for the first time in its key territories, Teneo approached Skout to provide a UK and US focused PR campaign.


Skout was tasked with raising awareness of Teneo and its insights into key business technology issues.

Skout uncovered a range of technology-related topics that were either affecting businesses or due to have an impact.

Skout built on Teneo’s US presence by running a US-focused PR campaign.


With a range of topics to use as media hooks, including software-defined wide area networks, we were able to successfully achieve coverage in Teneo’s key media, including Computer Weekly, Networking+ and Digitalisation World.

Identifying those topics that Teneo was keen to talk about helped us pitch them to the media as a commentator on GDPR, just as the issue was becoming a hot media topic. This led to coverage in publications such as IDG Connect.

As part of our PR campaign we conducted a survey of chief information officers (CIOs) to investigate their opinions on topics such as IT strategy and innovation. We took the themes that came from the survey results and used them a media hooks for press releases and articles to generate media coverage. This led to fresh content in many of Teneo’s key media targets such as IT Pro Portal, Inside Networks, as well as a piece in top business publication Forbes.

“As an IT MSP, we’re brimming with ideas and thoughts about so many topics, and thanks to Skout we’ve been able to share those with the media and build our brand off the back of it. Teneo has some clearly defined values that we’ve seen showcased in key publications.”

Lauren Fortune

chief marketing officer